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GOTEC Fellow Feature

The Global Online Teacher Education Center (GOTEC) Fellow Program is an effort by GOTEC members to enhance its mission to advance research and pedagogy in online teacher education and professional development around the world that is inclusive, accessible, and culturally and linguistically responsive and sustaining. Fellows are drawn from national and international experts in online learning and teacher education. They receive one-year appointments and are selected based on the alignment of their strengths with GOTEC’s mission.

Curtis J. Bonk, Inaugural GOTEC Fellow

Photo of Curtis J. Bonk

GOTEC’s inaugural Fellow was Curtis J. Bonk, Professor, School of Education, Indiana University. Dr. Bonk is a professor at Indiana University Bloomington who specializes in research on nontraditional and informal learning at the intersection of psychology, technology, education, and business. Self-described as part accountant, part educational psychologist, part digital learning technologist, part global educator, part writer, part inspirational speaker, part creative pedagogist, part maverick, and part entrepreneur.

GOTEC Research-to-Practice Article

Zixi Li

Meina Zhu

Self-Direct to Learn, Self-Direct to Live: A Checklist to Successfully Navigate this Self-Directed Learning World
By Curtis J. Bonk, Meina Zhu, & Zixi Li
Click here to read Dr. Curt Bonk’s Research-to-Practice article
Click here to use Dr. Curt Bonk’s Self-Directed Learning reusable checklist

GOTEC Fellow Webinar: April 26, 2023

Zixi Li

Curtis J. Bonk

Self-Direct to Learn, Self-Direct to Live: Exploring Learner and Instructor Experiences in a Self-Directed Learning World
By GOTEC Fellow Curtis J. Bonk, Professor in the School of Education, Indiana University
& Zixi Li, Graduate Student, Instructional Systems Technology Department, Indiana University

Click here for a recording of Bonk & Li’s GOTEC webinar

GOTEC Spring Webinar: February 22, 2023

Larisa Olesova

Exploring the Potential and the Pitfalls of Providing Feedback Using Video and Audio
Larisa Olesova, Assistant Professor in the School of Teaching and Learning, University of Florida

GOTEC Fall Webinar: September 27, 2022

Richard E. West

Open Credentials and Their Critical Role in the Open Education Evolution
Richard E. West, Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology, Brigham Young University
Click here for a recording of Dr. West’s webinar